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  1. Can I choose the auto shop I use for collision repairs if the work is covered by auto insurance?
    Yes!  You as the car owner have a choice where you would like to take your vehicle for collision repairs.  Be careful that an insurance adjuster or agent doesn’t try to “talk” you into or steer you to an auto body shop that just happens to be on their Direct Repair Program.  Remember, it’s the auto shop “NOT” the insurance company that guarantees the collision repairs on your vehicle.
  2. Will auto insurance pay for a rental car?  If so, for how long?
    It’s important to check with your insurance company if you have rental insurance and how long of a time period they will pay for the rental car.  Many policies might cover up to thirty days depending on the severity of the damage and how long the auto body shop needs to get car parts and do the repairs.
  3. Can I request OEM parts for the repairs on my new car after an automobile accident?
    A word of caution here is needed.  Many policy holders don’t realize that their insurance company may issue a policy that is written to cover aftermarket parts where available.  It’s important to carefully read and understand your auto insurance policy and what your insurance agent sold you.  If your auto insurance policy states that aftermarket parts are to be used in the collision repairs in most cases you can ask for OEM parts “but”, you might be required to pay the difference in cost between the aftermarket car parts and OEM ones.
  4. What can I do if my car is not drivable after an automobile accident but the required car parts are back ordered?
    In most cases when car parts are on a national backorder a few things might happen.  Your auto insurance company may allow an extension on your rental car.  Some shops offer loaner cars.  Each situation is different and it’s in the best interest of the vehicle owner to make sure “who” is going to pay for what.

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  1. How can I have my auto body shop, collision center, or restoration shop listed on
    Please go to our contact page and fill out our contact form and we will have one of our reps contact you.
  2. How can I update my collision shop, restoration center, or auto body shop listing on
    Please submit a request on our contact page with your changes. Please allow 5-7 business days for your changes to appear.